Minimally Invasive Prostate Surgery for BPH (Benign prostatic hyperplasia)

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After a thorough clinical evaluation, A/Prof Katz and Mr Love have some of the latest diagnostic equipment on site, such as urine flow meters and a bladder and prostate ultrasound machine, which can help to accurately diagnose your condition and plan your personalised management.


Non-Surgical Treatments:

Specialists at MHM prefer to treat you prostate or bladder problems with a conservative approach if possible and thereby avoiding surgery.

Possible conservative treatments which may be used include:

  • Fluid management strategies
  • Adjustment of your current medications
  • Starting new Prostate/Bladder directed medications
  • Specialist men’s health physiotherapy

Surgical Treatments:

If after conservative treatments have failed or are deemed not to be advantageous, then we will discuss with you if surgery is indicated.

A/Prof Katz and Mr Love offer a variety of procedures for the prostate. The procedure which is best suited to you will be determined based on your comprehensive clinical assessment and investigations.

Some of the more common procedures we offer are:

Rezum Water Vapour Therapy

A/Prof Katz is an experienced with the Rezum procedure.

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UroLift® System Procedure

Urolift Procedure

UroLift® System Procedure

  • This is the newest procedure approved for BPH
  • It has the benefits of causing minimal bleeding and does not cause sexual side effects
  • Most patients can be discharged the same day without a catheter
  • For more information on the Urolift procedure, please click here to read more about the Urolift or click here to see a video

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Greenlight Laser Prostate Surgery:

Greenlight Before and After

  • Laser surgery is one of the latest advances in BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) management.
  • There is minimal blood loss.
  • It can be performed in most men even if they are taking blood thinning medications.
  • Most patients can be discharged the next day after their laser treatment.

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Plasma Vaporisation of the Prostate:

One of the latest techniques for BPH. It is similar to the Greenlight laser in its effectiveness. It is minimally invasive and patients are usually home the following day after surgery. It can be used on all sizes of prostates. Mr Katz has pioneered this procedure Warragul Hospital and also performs it at Epworth and Como Hospitals.

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Transurethral Incision of the Prostate (TUIP):

    • TUIP is a minimally invasive procedure for men who have urination problems and have a small prostate.
    • The operation takes about 10 mins and can significantly improve a patient’s symptoms.
    • TUIP is also useful for patients that need surgery but are keen to avoid ejaculation problems.

Transurethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP):

Turp Before & After

  • TURP is the gold standard operation for BPH.
  • The procedure was first developed in the 1930’s and has undergone many refinements over this period.
  • It is still one of the most commonly performed procedures in Australia for BPH and has excellent long term results.
  • A TURP is often indicated in patients for which the Green light Laser or the TUIP is not suitable.


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