The MHM Comprehensive Mens health Check

  • The objective of the Men’s Health Melbourne comprehensive health check is to optimise physical and sexual performance at all stages of life.
  • The health check addresses lifestyle issues that can result in poor health and screens for the first signs of illness.
  • The check will involve a comprehensive history of physical symptoms, psychological concerns and social factors, a complete physical examination and relevant tests.
  • All pathology tests that are ordered will be bulk billed.
  • At all ages screening for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes will be undertaken.
  • More than 1 consultation may be required for the complete assessment and to receive the results of the various tests that may be ordered.

In addition to the above, there are specific age-related health concerns that will be assessed for which include:

18-39 years

Premature ejaculation; testicular cancer and melanoma; relationship problems; mental health issues; drug, alcohol and smoking issues; obesity.

40-49 years

Heart disease; high blood pressure and diabetes; low libido; erectile dysfunction; marital and family problems; weight gain, sedentary life style; alcohol excess; smoking and respiratory problems; work stress.

50-64 years

Heart, kidney and diabetic problems; risk of stroke; bowel, lung, prostate and skin cancer detection; erectile and libido problems; unemployment and redundancy.

65 +years

Ongoing medical problems; increased cancer risk; rehabilitation and maintaining physical and sexual abilities; retirement issues; bereavement; improving mental health and vitality.

The health check will result in recommendations – to improve your health and when the next health check should occur. If problems are discovered, appropriate treatment can be offered at the clinic, or the appropriate will referral will be made to a recommended specialist.