Dr. Glenn Duns

Dr. Glenn Duns
Dr. Glenn Duns

Dr. Duns recognises the importance of lifestyle and environmental factors in maintaining sexual and general health. As a practitioner of preventive medicine he encourages the use of appropriate screening tests and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle to achieve optimal physical and mental health across all life stages.

Dr. Glenn Duns has over 20 years experience in primary care medicine and men's health. He completed his medical training at McGill University in Montreal, Canada and has a Masters degree in public health from the University of Melbourne. He has experience diagnosing and treating a broad range of medical conditions. Being a practitioner who specialises in Men's Health, if at any time during your treatment journey, Dr Duns thinks your condition could be treated with surgery, he can refer you to one of the experienced urological surgeons. If this occurs, your initial consultation with the urologist will be at a discounted fee.

Dr Duns also has extensive experience with penile ultrasounds to investigate men with erectile dysfunction. Dr Duns is a very experienced men's health practitioner who has a subspecialty interest in diagnosing and treating younger men with erectile dysfunction. Therefore at Men's Health Melbourne most men who are less than 50 years old will first see Dr Glenn Duns for an overall assessment. Dr Glenn Duns is also the main person at Men's Health Melbourne who performs penile Duplex Doppler ultrasounds which may be indicated in many younger men with erectile dysfunction. 

If Dr Duns feels that your condition may be best served by surgical intervention, he will arrange for a referral to one of our specialist urologists. If this needs to occur there is a significant discount on the initial consultation fee for the urologist at our clinic.

Dr. Duns has research experience and is a Senior Fellow with the University of Melbourne. He is an expert advisor with Healthy Male Australia and is Chair of their General Practice Advisory Group. He is accustomed to working as part of a multidisciplinary team to achieve the best health outcomes for patients. He is a fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioner and has certification in the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

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