Just as every patient’s problem is unique, we believe that a personalised approach to ED to paramount. No 2 men have the exact same type of ED and, therefore, at MHM we will determine that IF medication is necessary, which medication will suit you best.

Erection pills:

Often patients come to see us and say “the pills do not work for me”. But many patients don’t realise that there are several different types of erection pills (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra) and each pill comes in a variety of strengths, is administered differently and works in a slightly different way. Therefore, it is only after a careful assessment of your ED that we can determine which medication, the dose and the regimen that is indicated.

“Penis Injection Therapy”

If, for whatever reason, we have determined that none of these erection pills are suitable, then there are still several medication options that can be considered. At MHM, we have seen much success with “penile injection therapy” and for some men this is the only way they can get a satisfactory erection without resorting to surgery. Whilst it sounds horrible to inject your penis, the results can be tremendous, and in fact for most men it is minimally painful. This is because we teach you where the least sensitive part of the penis is and also use tiny needles. MHM specialists prefer to use specially compounded injection medication as this allows for precise tailoring of the injection therapy to the type of ED. It is also usually much cheaper pre-made injection cartridges.